Sexual Assault Unit



The Denver District Attorney’s Office recognizes that sexual assault is a serious problem, cutting across all cultural, economic, racial, and gender divisions. Sexual assault represents one of the most violent and least reported crimes in the United States. Statistics have shown that only a small fraction of sexual victimizations are reported to police. Some victims choose not to report because of embarrassment, fear and/or trauma. Still others fear retaliation by the perpetrator. Some fear media attention. Others lack faith in the criminal justice system. In many cases, survivors have been treated with skepticism.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office recognizes the seriousness of sexual assault and the unique concerns associated with prosecuting these cases. As a result, DA Mitch Morrissey has created a Sexual Assault Unit. Attorneys assigned to prosecute these cases have specialized knowledge and training in dealing with different aspects of sexual assault. These attorneys have developed expertise in prosecuting all types of sexual assault cases, including stranger sexual assault, sexual assault between intimate partners, sexual assault on the elderly and disabled, sexual assault on campuses, acquaintance rape and date rape.

Each sexual assault case is assigned a team consisting of a deputy district attorney, a victim advocate and an investigator. The victim advocate plays a critical role in assisting victims of sexual assault by making contact as early as possible to assess their needs and concerns, and by putting them in contact with various community resources. The investigator continues further work on the case after it has been filed; including collecting various records, interviewing witnesses, and gathering additional evidence such as scene photos, and diagrams.

The Sexual Assault Unit is working closely with the Denver Police Department and the Sexual Assault Interagency Council in an ongoing effort to vigorously prosecute sexual assault cases while at the same time offering a voice to victims of these most serious crimes