Detention Hearings



Juveniles who are being held in custody at the Gilliam Youth Center are entitled to a detention hearing.

These hearings are held Monday through Friday at 1:30 pm and take place in a juvenile court room at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. The specific court room can be determined at the Juvenile Court Clerk's Office in room 125 or by calling 720-337-0570.

Parents of the juvenile are notified of the hearing by detention staff and are encouraged to attend. If a parent is unable to attend, the Magistrate will appoint a Guardian Ad Litem. This person is appointed to represent the best interests of the child and will stand in for the parent. The Public Defender is also present at detention hearings and is available to take applications to represent a juvenile. Victims or their family members may also be present at the detention hearing, and can get more information about the case by calling the Denver DA's Office -- Juvenile Unit at 720-913-9012