Family Violence Unit



Family violence is a serious social problem, especially because of the ongoing impact of violence on children. Family violence cuts across all cultural, economic, racial and gender divisions.

In Denver last year, there were more than four hundred cases involving domestic violence in County Court alone and nearly four hundred more handled by the Family Violence Unit in District Court. In these cases, sixty percent of the defendants had a history of domestic violence. In ninety percent of the cases the defendant was male. In nearly a quarter of the cases there was a weapon involved. In nearly thirty percent of the cases there were children involved at the time of the violent incident.

The Family Violence Unit in the Denver District Attorney's Office has specialized knowledge and training in dealing with the different aspects of domestic violence and child abuse. The attorneys and staff assigned to this unit have developed expertise in prosecuting all types of family violence crimes including spouse and partner abuse, abuse of the elderly, child abuse and child sexual assault.

The Domestic Violence Early Intervention Team also plays a critical role in assisting victims of domestic violence, especially those cases involving misdemeanor charges in Denver County Court. This team makes contact with victims as quickly as possible to assess needs and concerns of the victim and family members. For more information on this team, e-mail Margaret at

If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to contact the Family Violence Unit at 720-913-9008 or at