Child Abuse



The Family Violence Unit is responsible for prosecuting crimes against children, including physical and/or sexual abuse, whether by a family member, stranger, or other person. The team of prosecutors, advocates and investigators realizes that working with child victims and their families requires a special understanding of children and assistance in dealing with the criminal justice system.

If you are concerned that your child or a child you know may be a victim of abuse, you should report it to the county Department of Human Services where the child lives. In Denver, you can reach the Denver Department of Human Services at:

You don't need to be certain of abuse to make a report. Reporting it will allow professionals who are trained in the field to investigate and find out what is really happening. State law requires those who suspect a child is abused or neglected to report it.

If your child or a child you care about has been victimized, you may experience many feelings and reactions. It is important to get as much support and information as possible. Your responses and support will be critical to your child's recovery. Children often express their feelings, fears and concerns differently than adults, and that can make it difficult to know what they need.

For additional information and/or counseling you can call:

Denver Children's Advocacy Center: 303-825-3850

Denver Department of Human Services: 720-913-3000

For additional information online: