Letter to Colorado's Congressional Delegation



June 15, 2005
Contact: Lynn Kimbrough, 720-913-9025

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey wrote a letter to Colorado's Congressional Delegation on June 15, 2005 regarding the Raul Gomez-Garcia case. The letter is posted here:

Dear Colorado Senators and Representatives:

I am writing to each of Colorado’s representatives in Washington in regard to the criminal case against Raul Gomez-Garcia. This defendant has been charged in the murder of Donald Young and the attempted murder of John “Jack” Bishop, both officers of the Denver Police Department.

I understand and appreciate the concern in this matter. I know that there is a desire to be helpful in efforts to seek justice, however, I have serious concerns about some of the public comments that have been made about the case and matters related to extradition. Comments that appear disrespectful of Mexican law or appear to be attempts to pressure Mexican officials in some way are not helpful. Indeed, such comments may get in the way of the positive working relationship I am trying to establish as I prepare to formally request extradition for this defendant. Please remember that regardless of efforts to amend laws or processes in the future, that I must follow the law as it is today.

Each time comments about the case, Mexican law, extradition or related issues are made through the media, I must divert my attention from preparing the extradition documents to contacting officials from Mexico and the U.S. Department of Justice to assure them that I am not a part of any political statements being made by Washington politicians. Each time comments are made there is an assessment of how those comments may have damaged my ability to successfully request extradition in this case. Prosecutors have an ethical obligation that limits the manner in which they may comment publicly about pending cases. While other government officials are not necessarily bound by these rules, they are good guidelines for all of us to follow.

Your concern for justice is shared by all of us. My objective is to maintain the integrity of this criminal case, respectfully and properly request extradition, and upon securing extradition then vigorously prosecute this case. I ask for your help in minimizing any distraction from that objective. Please feel free to contact me at any time about the potential impact that extrajudicial comments may have on cases we have filed.


Mitchell R. Morrissey
Denver District Attorney