Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is the address of the Denver District Attorney's Office?
    201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 801, Denver, CO 80202.

  2. When and where is my next court date?
    For a County Court case (a case with an “M” case number), you can search online at You may also contact the Criminal Division Clerk’s Office at 720-865-7820.
    For a District Court case (a case with a “CR” case number), you may contact the District Court Clerk’s Office at 720-865-8301.

  3. Who is the deputy DA on my case?
    If you have not yet received correspondence or a call from the Denver District Attorney's Office with this information, you may call the office’s main reception number at 720-913-9000 and the receptionist can look up your case and give you the name of the deputy assigned to your case.

  4. If I’m charged with a crime, can I talk to the prosecutor?
    If you have retained a defense attorney, you should speak to your attorney. You should not speak to the prosecutor without your attorney being present.

  5. How do I get “discovery”?
    Information on the process of discovery for felony and misdemeanor records can be obtained by calling 720-913-9044 or online at

  6. What is the Denver District Attorney’s Office fax number?
    The fax number is 720-913-9035. Please include a cover sheet specifying by name to whom your fax is directed.

  7. I think I may be a victim of fraud. What should I do?
    You should call the complaint line for the Denver District Attorney’s Office’s Economic Crime Unit at 720-913-9179. For more information, you can visit ECU’s section of the Denver District Attorney’s Office website at

  8. How can I collect on a bad check?
    Contact the Bad Check Restitution Program for the Denver District Attorney’s Office at You may also either call the Victim Hotline at 800-574-5378 or send an email to

  9. Can I drop the charges in a case?
    No, charges are filed by the District Attorney on behalf of victims and can only be dropped by the District Attorney’s Office. You may call the prosecutor or your victim advocate to discuss the issue.

  10. Can I drop a restraining order?
    No, but you may call the prosecutor or your victim advocate to discuss this issue.

  11. How do I change a court date?
    Generally, court dates cannot be changed. When exceptional circumstances occur, including, but not limited to: military service, death in the family, or an illness requiring hospitalization, court dates may be changed. You or your attorney must call the prosecutor to discuss changing a court date and in any case, proper documentation must be presented upon returning to court.

  12. Where can I park for court? Will I be reimbursed?
    There are a number of private off-street parking lots within the vicinity of the City and County Building where you may park for a fee. Unfortunately, the Denver District Attorney’s Office cannot reimburse you for parking.

  13. How do I get my property back?
    The return of property varies from case to case. You must speak directly with the prosecutor to see if this is possible.

  14. I have information on a wanted person. Whom should I contact?
    Call the Denver Police Department’s non-emergency line at 720-913-2000 and give all of the information you have about a fugitive.

If you still have questions about any of the above information or if your question was not addressed, please call the main reception number for the Denver District Attorney’s Office at 720-913-9000 or email the Denver District Attorney’s Office at