Discovery Information





District Attorney’s Office, Webb Municipal Office Building,
201 W. Colfax Ave., 8th floor,
Denver, CO 80202

Fees: See below

What is “discovery”?
Discovery is the procedure by which the Denver District Attorney’s Office provides information, facts, documents, and other materials to the defense regarding a filed case. Discovery is submitted by the Denver Police Department or obtained during further investigation. Discovery does not include the work product generated by the District Attorney’s Office.

How does the discovery process work at the Denver District Attorney’s Office?
The Denver Police Department submits investigative reports in a case to be accepted for filing. Once the case is accepted, it is submitted for filing at the Denver District Attorney’s Office. After the case is filed and probable cause has been established, the contents of the court file become available to defense counsel.

Discovery Room hours: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Discovery is available on active cases to the attorney of record and to pro-se defendants only. Discovery will not be released to a defendant represented by counsel.

All other records requests pursuant to the Criminal Justice Records Act (CJRA) must follow the records request procedure. Records request procedures may be heard by calling 720-913-9129.

The office requests 3 business days’ notice to prepare discovery.

Attorneys: Discovery will be provided to the attorney of record. You may order discovery by faxing your request along with a copy of your court-filed entry of appearance or order of court appointment to 720-913-9035, to the attention of Discovery Staff. You will be notified by District Attorney Staff when your discovery is ready for pick up and the amount due. Attorneys may send a professional courier company or law firm employee to pick up discovery. An authorization letter on office letterhead will be required before discovery is released. These instructions may be heard by calling 720-913-9001.

Methods of payment: Check or money order made payable to the Denver District Attorney. Third-party checks, cash and credit-cards will not be accepted. Refunds will not be issued for checks/money orders exceeding the amount due.

Pro-se Defendants: Discovery must be ordered in person and you must present a valid photo ID. You will be required to fill out paperwork. You will be notified when the discovery is ready along with the amount due. Only the defendant (ID required) may pick up this discovery and payment is by MONEY ORDER only. Parents of juveniles may order and pick up discovery.

Discovery Fees:

Copies $ .50 per page  
CD’s* $15.00 each  
DVD’s $18.00 each  
Blue-ray disk $28.00 each  
Copies of photos $1.00 per page (black/white photocopy machine copies)
  $2.00 per page (color photocopy machine copies)
County Court Misdemeanor Cases $25.00 per disc  
  (Paper copies available upon request in the original Entry of Appearance).

(Note: 911 Recordings and original photos may be ordered directly from the Denver Police Department Civil Liabilities Bureau by the attorney of record or the pro-se defendant by calling 720-913-6400. If 911 recordings are discovered through our office the fee is $20.00 per recording.)

RE-INITIATION FEE $20.00: Any discovery not picked up after ten working days will be returned to the assigned courtroom/division. A subsequent request for the same or similar discovery will also incur an additional re-initiation of request fee of $20.

Subsequent requests for misplaced, lost or an additional copy of discovery will be charged at full cost.