Victim Services Network Program



The Victim Services Network is a unit of the District Attorney’s Office that works to ensure seamless and integrated services for victims of crime and helps educate the community about issues of criminal victimization.

The VSN maintains and sustains a network of 50 service providers (consisting of both public and private agencies) who serve victims of crime in Denver. Some of the ongoing projects of the VSN include:
• the Victim Advisory Council which consists of individuals who have been crime victims or have been personally touched by crime;
• Community Victim Advocates who work in selected neighborhoods that have been unserved or underserved;
• cross-training with member agencies for greater awareness of the services available in the community;
• a Case Management Tool that allows agencies to refer clients to one another;
• The VSN website which serves as a tool to educate the public about issues of victimization and also provides a menu-driven resource directory.

The unit is also responsible for planning the Citizens Institute which is designed to educate community members about the role and function of the District Attorney’s Office as well as the Courtrooms to Classrooms program which brings District Attorney staff to DPS schools to talk with students about the legal system.

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