Victim Information



The Denver District Attorney's Office is staffed by attorneys, investigators, support staff and victim advocates who care deeply about those affected by crime. If you are a victim of crime, you have involuntarily become involved in the criminal justice system. The Denver District Attorney's Office is dedicated to advocating for your rights and helping you access appropriate resources.

There are many different resources and services available. Some of these resources are provided directly by the Denver District Attorney's Office, and many others are provided by other agencies in the community.

Victim Advocates –The Denver DA’s Office has a team of Victim Advocates who help keep victim’s informed of the criminal justice process.

Rose Andom Center - The Denver District Attorney’s Office is proud to partner with the Rose Andom Center – a collaborative, safe location that combines community and law enforcement resources to support victims of domestic violence. Services include:
• Safety needs – referral and access to shelter services
• Safety planning
• Risk assessment
• Crisis intervention, access to 24-hour hotlines
• Safe play space for children while parent meets with service providers
• Basic emergency needs for victims in need (i.e. toiletries)
• Access to law enforcement
• Assistance filing protection orders
• Counseling and advocacy for adults, children and youth impacted by domestic violence
• Facilitate access to public benefits (i.e. TANF, Medicaid)
• Advocacy and information regarding the criminal justice system response
• Assistance with a range of civil legal needs (i.e. custody, child support, bankruptcy)
• Assistance with job readiness, skill building, job search and referrals
• Referrals to transitional and permanent housing resources

The Court Process – There are many steps in the criminal justice process; here is a brief guide.

Victim Compensation – Some victims of crime may be eligible for compensation for medical, dental or mental health services.

Restraining Order/Protective Order information – This is basic information on requesting a temporary restraining order.

Restitution Information
– While not every victim suffers a financial loss, there is a process to request restitution when applicable.

Online Service Directory - There are hundreds of agencies and organizations available to help people in different ways; utilize this online directory to search for needed resources.

Victim Resources – Access local victim services directly with information from these resources.

Memorial Sign Program - The Denver Memorial Sign Program allows the City and County of Denver to erect memorial signs at the site of fatal automobile incidents.

Bad Check Restitution Program – There is help for victims of bad checks.

Victims’ Rights – The Colorado state constitution ensures victims of crime have certain rights.

History of Victims’ Rights
– This special video production by the Denver DA’s Office takes on a journey through the victim rights movement.

VALE (Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement Program) – The VALE Board oversees grant funding for victim services providers.