Victim Advocates



Being victimized and going through the court system can be difficult and confusing. Trained victim advocates can give you support, information and referrals.

The Office of the Denver District Attorney provides a Victim Advocate Program for your benefit. People who care about you and your involvement in the criminal justice system staff this program. Their goal is to help lessen the impact of being a victim of crime or a witness to a crime.

A victim advocate can give you information about how the court system works and the current status of your case.

Remember, in order to keep communications clear and up to date it is your responsibility to keep the Denver D.A.’s Office informed of any changes in your address and phone number at all times.

Victim advocates are assigned to a trial team.

For help in locating the advocate assigned to your Denver District/County Court case, you may call 720-913-9000 or write to

Please include the case number, defendant's name, and your name as well as the best way to contact you.