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The Denver District Attorney’s Office uses law student interns in a variety of capacities. Most legal interns have completed the second year of law school, however, a limited number of opportunities exist for students who have only completed their first year. Legal internships are on a voluntary basis, but students may arrange academic credit.

Our County Court and Juvenile Court divisions utilize law students each academic semester and during the summer. These internships provide exposure to courtroom tasks, and may require formal certification under the Colorado Student Practice Act.
Our Appellate Division* uses students each semester who assist with research and writing assignments.

In addition, various specialized units may accept interns who have a particular interest and/or background in their area. These specialized units include the Family Violence Unit, Economic Crimes Unit and Community Justice Unit.
Although there are currently no rigid deadlines for applications, students should apply a semester in advance of the semester in which they seek to intern.

Click here for an intern or volunteer application.

For more information on internship and volunteer opportunities contact the Denver District Attorney's Officeat or contact Lisa Durbano, 720-913-9181 Email: FAX: 720-913-9177
Denver DA’s Office, 201 W. Colfax Avenue, Dept. 801, Denver, CO 80202

Click here for an intern or volunteer application.

*Students interested in the research & writing internships in the Appellate Division may contact the unit directly:

Katherine Hansen
Deputy District Attorney
Denver District Attorney’s Office
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 801
Denver, CO 80202